Tada! I've upgraded from my tiny Nokia piece of crap I've had for a year to a beautiful new blue Chocolate 3!
Helloooooooooo, baybeh! I actually tried the Blackberry Pearl, but it's annoying to be sitting at your laptop, sending an email, and then having your phone vibrating, informing you that you've just sent an email. 8/ Not to mention that it never rang when I got calls!
However, my new blue baby has already been adorned with Halo 3 wallpapers. Now I just need to find an appropriate ringtone to convert and edit, find a hard cover for it, and find some way of attaching my Renji and Senna phone charms to it.
The weekend trip to Ohio was quite2 relaxing, even though long. The drive took us through miles and miles of grape fields, as well as through an Indian reservation that had the best sign ever:


I have NO idea what the sign was pertaining to, but it's a shame I couldn't get a picture of it. Also saw the best name for a street: Two Rod Street. Only to be followed 5 minutes later by Three Rod Street. Why do people do this?!
And here's a video to remind you of the old-school gamer within you:

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