A step up in the right direction

I've finally finished basic training (unwillingly) and fell into the horrible, terrible world of Ranked and Social playlists. =/ No more easy kills in Snowbound, now that the shields have been taken out. Instead, I get a betrayal in Shotty Snipers (thanks a lot, asswipe!), left alone in Social Skirmish Territories(yeah, ok buttmunchers), and abandoned by a team mate in Multi-Team towards the end (yeah, SORRY for not being as great as you, Mr. Lieutenant, but I'm just playing for fun; don't take it so seriously and just give up like a pansy). The night finally got a bit more rewarding in a Social Slayer Pit match; no, our team didn't win, but at least I was pitted with more evenly matched people (I think maybe one player was a girl). Otherwise, I'm just going to stick to Matchmaking during the day, when the younger crowd are on. ^_^;

Doing study notes for the MBE is taking longer than I thought it would. 2 days, and I'm still not done with Criminal law. Not to mention including all the Model Penal Code changes, even though it's not even really law. =/ *sigh*

Games to look forward to buying:
-Guilty Gear 2: Overture (come on, Sol Badguy's hot)
-Dead Space
-Tales of Vesperia
-Infinite Undiscovery (maybe)
-Far Cry 2 (...possibly; the original is kind of fun, but unexpectedly hard, even on the easy setting)