The doctor is in

I tried out the new Fracture demo, and I'm both impressed and a little disappointed at the same time. The ability to raise or lower the landscape and provide NPCs with some cover is a neat idea. I just sat there for a few minutes just seeing how high I could make the ground. Although it's in 3rd person, it's not directly behind the player like in GoW, giving you a better opportunity to look around and actually see what cover you can hide behind. The grenades are quite interesting as well, such as the sticky bombs that you can shoot onto structures and blow up their supports. The voicework, even though just a demo, was actually not that bad.
However, the armour and character faces simply look plastic, and you run like you're carrying some baseballs in your crotchular area. The ability to zoom in for an easier shot at the enemy like in GoW is not that helpful, since the zoom doesn't really go in that far.
I can see it being fun in multiplayer as you shoot the ground, and suddenly there's a nice hill there for cover. Or you could simply eliminate your enemy's hill by lowering with the gun or the "lowering" grenade. Should keep your gaming fingers on their toes.

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