Man, you got reaaaaaal ugly

Let me start off by saying yes, I am biased against this game for many reasons that, if I listed here, would detract from the purpose of this ranting.
This month's banter is aimed at character redesigns. I've seen plenty, none of which I've loved or hated (except for L4D Francis; he's so much more of a lovable jerk instead of looking like a drunk homeless guy) until I saw the designs for the characters in Gears of War 3. The manliest, most testosterone-filled game series I've ever played. Never mind how illegal Cole's arms should be, but what the heck is going on in this picture? Your town gets destroyed, your armies have been decimated and you...strip your underclothing and remove all the vital bits that protect the limbs you shoot with. How was this a smart idea? Certainly, you could have stripped armour from your fallen buddies as precautionary measures? Sure, honour the fallen and all that, but when you're fighting to save your life, do you really want to just expose yourself even more?
Anya, who is a tiny shrew of a woman in the previous 2 games in comparison to Marcus and Dom has now become a hulking muscular woman who knows how to kick ass and look ugly. Yes, I said it. She. Got. Ugly. Granted, her face was generated really weirdly before, but now she simply looks like someone punched in the sides of her face and shattered her cheek bones. Before anyone starts ranting that this is more hatred to female characters in a male-focused game, I say to you, no it is not. Because there's a way to have female characters in a male-focused game and do it RIGHT. This is not an example of that. She was simply thrown in to appeal to the estrogen-based percentage of gamers.
Dom. You look like a hobo. You lost your wife and all, I see that. But now you just look like a younger version of Dizzy and I HATE Dizzy. At least you don't look like Col. Hoffman-Squarehead. Then I'd just have to set you on fire on principle.
I was supposed to be focusing on if a redesign has ruined how I feel about a character, but instead, all the GoW3 redesigns have strengthened my dislike for this game. Baird's smart-ass attitude and brains is the only thing that saves the day.

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Michelle said...

I'm actually quite appreciative for any opportunities to play as a female rather than a male in any game, I suspect the changes to the dynamic of Gears of War may annoy some and seem like a bit of an afterthought, but I kinda think it's a choice that should have been there at the beginning.

You are however right about the changes to Anya, it does make me giggle a tiny bit.

SnipingMizzy said...

@ Michelle
After my post, I rethought what there was of the story, and I remember them mentioning that women were kept to be breeders and further the race. I guess now that times are desperate, the COGs need all the help they can get, male and female.
What annoys me the most is that the first 2 games always had 4 players in the story, but only allowed 2 player capabilities. NOW they jump on the 4-player bandwagon after how many years?

Weefz said...

Sad though this sounds, I'm just grateful that Anya is allowed to wear armor at all. It's a nice change from the SKIRT SUIT that she was in previously. She's allowed to walk at a normal pace.

Silvercube said...

I have played Gears of War 1 and 2, and I'm looking a little bit forward to 3 but the characters never really interested me. it was more about the beautifully detailed world that was the best part :)

Liked your rant.

SnipingMizzy said...


Despite how much I disagree with her bring in the game, she's still a better choice than Col. Hoffman.

SnipingMizzy said...


Enh. The world IS pretty detailed, but then screen glow and a brown filter is slapped over everything, making it look a bit boring.