BlazBlue: Continuum Shift

A sequel to BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, Continuum Shift continues with the aftermath of the events from the first game (after the True Ending, of course). The characters are faced with a new enemy that they never expected would be the mastermind behind everything.
All of your favourite characters return, with 3 new ones: Tsubaki Yayoi, a friend from school, Yuuki Hazuma (aka Terumi), the antagonist, and Mu-12 (who I shall say nothing about).
Story: I'm glad to see that the story is a little less cryptic this time around, as each character's story mode is filled with tons of dialogue. Again, players are left with choices to push the story in different directions like the previous game, but this time in very contrasting stories. One choice will continue the serious drama of "destiny" and whatnot, while another choice is filled with hilarity. Also, you don't have to purposefully fail each fight in order to get 100% completion for each character, which was an annoyance in the first game.
Graphics: Nothing really new is added to the visuals, as the characters still look the same. There are a few added backgrounds, which are always gorgeous.
Audio: As always, Daisuke Ishiwatari does a splendid job composing the music for this game. A few tracks are added for special versus fights, which always capture the emotions the characters are going through.
The voicework is typically still the same, except for Noel Vermillion, I think; her tone has obviously changed from a girl not knowing what she's doing, to a young woman in desperate need to discover what's going on.
It's best you get the first game (or at least read the story on a wiki) if you're going to understand anything. Otherwise, if you don't care about the story, then it's a pretty decent and interesting fighting game.
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift is available for $39.95.

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