Indie game: Moon Taxi

(I honestly got stuck playing ME2 a second time around instead of looking for games to review)

I found this little gem browsing the game library section and decided to give it a whirl. Moon Taxi is certainly something quite different. It has wonderful peaceful music in the background, overlayed with the dialogue of your "passenger's" story. Words will appear now and again on the screen, and the aim is to "crash" your little space taxi into each one, scoring "motes". However, there are asteroids to avoid, and crashing into one causes you to lose a "mote". It sounds easy enough, but the speed of the cab increases slightly as it nears the moon, making it a little more difficult to get every word and avoid all asteroids at the same time.
Each story is a unique little snippet on its own, and told very well through voice dialogue. There is even the opportunity to submit a story of your very own to the creator's website at Moon Taxi.
For being an indie game, the graphics are simple, yet very well rendered and beautiful for space. I enjoy the light blue jet streaming from behind the cab, as you propel towards the large rock satellite, and even the randomly generated asteroids are well done.

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