Dante's Inferno Demo

When I had first heard that a game was being made graced with the name of the epic poem written by Alighieri, I thought game production companies had finally run out of original ideas. It was when I heard about the marketing ploys they pulled at cons that I thought that the companies' leaders had completely lost their mind. Now, all I feel is a little bored with the whole thing.
The good: the high frame rate allows for smooth movement and a certain amount of "pretty" in an otherwise disgustingly gory game. 3D cinematics are well done visually and aurally, especially with the voice work. I could see blood and sweat in Dante's pores, which was a nice contrast to the soft feel of Beatrice (naked boob aside).
Another thing I liked is the option to condemn your enemies or send them up to heaven, but seemed less of a moral choice and more of "which button do I feel like pressing?"
The bad: most everything else. It's a button-smasher (my least favourite genre), so the learning curve remains at a constant: smash this button to swing your large scythe, or smash this button to kill everything with laser crosses.
The 2D cinematics looked like something that would be on MTV from the 80s or, as a good friend of mine put it, doodles from a metal-head teenager's book margins. It looked like it came from an artist that was just beginning in the field and really had no idea what he was doing.
Camera centring is extremely annoying and tedious to work around, especially when fighting Death. The inability to move the camera led to difficulty in depth-perception, and forced me to randomly flail around and button-smash to get the job done.
Neat idea, but poorly executed.

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