Japan: land of the perverted and unsatisfied.

I'm sure most people by now have at least given Mirror's Edge a try. Whether you're happy with it or not is besides the point of this post. Apparently, the good ol' crazies over in Japan are not too happy with the way Faith looks.

A hint of some reactions over at Danny Choo

Apparently, the Japanese prefer their women with wedge-shaped chins that don't exist and large Western eyes, which a lot of Asian people have gotten surgery to have (including Jackie Chan). And large chests with nipples. Can't forget that. Little do they forget that Japanese have very little body fat due to the mostly healthy stuff they eat. Meaning lack of boobs and asses.

Here's another gander of alterations made

You can see that they smoothed out her arm musculature, lowered her cheekbones and inflated her boobs a tad. Just looks to me like she would fall over from the weight of her own boobs, not be able to hold up her own weight with all the gymnastics she has to pull of, and have shorter lower jaws (makes it easier to swallow all that bukkake I guess, but it looks to me as if she has a tremendous overbite). Although, I shouldn't really be surprised, considering how many panty dispensers there are and the complacency with groping and fondling on public trains in that country.

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